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Environmental Engineering Consulting

• Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

• Phase II Environmental Investigations

• Site Characterization

• Remediation Design and Implementation

• Underground Storage Tank Investigations and Removal Oversight

• Environmental Compliance Assessments

• Environmental Permits: Air, Water and Land

• Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans


Engineering Consulting

• Engineering and Planning

• Chemical Process Engineering

• Batch Process Design

• Safety training (OSHA)

• Haz Mat training

• Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

• Safe Chemical Handling

• Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

• Remediation Planning and execution

• Wastewater Treatment Systems

• Hazardous Waste Management

• Regulatory Compliance: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

• Air Pollution Control

• Resource Recovery / Recycling

Wastewater Treatment Services

• Mechanical Treatment Systems

• Stabilization Pond Treatment

• Biosolids Management

• Industrial Pretreatment

• Design of Subsurface discharge systems

• Design of wastewater treatment system

• Design of water drainage systems

• State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permitting


Potable Water

• Groundwater Treatment Systems

• Surface Water Treatment Systems

• Design of water purification systems

• EH&S (Environmental, Health and Safety) compliance


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